Solano Dream Center

Solano Dream Center (SDC) is a faith-based, but not faith required, non-profit corporation that assists homeless individuals in getting off the streets, meet their basic essentials of life for shelter, food and health, and provide a supportive path to restoration and increased self-reliance.

 For general inquiries or information, please contact  or 707.435.3995 If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us on our volunteer page.  Are you or someone you know in need of this type of housing support? We are located in the Fairfield/Suisun City area. For more information about potential residency, please email or call 707.435.3995

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is to help every individual live out their life purpose and dreams as they engage in or assist in breaking the homeless cycle. 

  • A rescue home
  • An in-house treatment facility
  • Greater Connection: We seek to connect each individual with the Lord Jesus Christ and the right people to support his/her personal goals.
  • Greater Competency: We seek to guide each individual towards professional, domestic and personal competency.
  • Greater Character: We seek to support and encourage each individual in their chosen personal character development.
  • Greater Confidence: We seek to build up each individual’s self-worth by teaching them true identity in Christ.